Whimsy Puzzles

Whimsy Puzzles - The Picture Perfect Addition To Your Home.

Whimsy puzzles are an incredible vestige from our Victorian past which are made up from pieces that are shaped in recognizable shapes that in some way refer to the theme or concept of the puzzle itself!  These charmingly self-reflective thought teasers are not only super fun to put together, but they really look absolutely lovely and add a fascinating twist to the traditional jigsaw.

A whimsy puzzle is made up of pieces that are often quirky and come in all manner of forms including birds, bees, wildlife and even teacups!  There truly is something for everyone.  For instance, if the jigsaw puzzle is an image of an animal, then the pieces of the puzzle might well be made up of pieces that are in the shape of animals !

The Perfect Gift for Friends and Family.

When it comes to giving gifts there are few things that will be remembered more than a well selected whimsy puzzle.  The irregular shaped pieces come together to create delightful images and will fill your life with fun and joy.

Puzzlers from all walks of life find themselves encapsulated with the subtle genius of these gifts.  So, whether you’re buying for friends or family, or spoiling yourself, a whimsy puzzle is the way to go !


Whimsy Puzzles Make Your Home Beautiful.

As well as being wonderful brain teasers, a whimsy puzzle is a fantastic home decoration.  Once you have completed the challenge of building it you can also display it for all to see!  Few things are as personal as a problem solved, so why not get started today and create your own magical home décor with a carefully chosen selection of whimsy puzzles?